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Global Capital Advisors, LLC  

Global Capital Advisors™, LLC ("GCA") is dedicated to providing specialized capital markets and credit ratings expertise to clients seeking to issue debt private placements as well as multinational companies with debt transfer pricing needs. With extensive experience bringing issuers to the debt capital markets while advising clients on a full range of debt and ratings related issues, GCA provides independent advice to clients issuing either external or intercompany debt.

Debt Private Placements

GCA delivers comprehensive independent advice to issuers of debt private placements from Agent selection to ratings advisory, deal execution, amendments/waivers and investor relations. Clients gain access to seasoned professionals providing advice on market protocols, pricing, covenants, and investor preferences, enabling lower dependency on bank placement agents with possibly conflicting agendas.

GCA's leadership in private placements is evidenced by repeat client engagements, membership on the Advisory Board of the Private Placement Industry Forum, and as a repeat panel moderator at their conferences. GCA is also owner of the Debt Private Placement Forum, the largest discussion group on LinkedIn dedicated to debt private placements, with over 500 professionals actively engaged in the market.

Debt Transfer Pricing

Multinational enterprises have increasing need to comply with Debt Transfer Pricing regulations across many tax jurisdictions. Defensible transfer pricing structures often require issuers retaining outside experts to issue independent opinions on 1) the stand-alone credit profile of their borrowing subsidiary; 2) the benefit of lift, if any, from implicit or explicit parental support and 3) that entity's ability to access the debt markets at a given price, for a given amount, at a given time, with or without the benefit of a guarantee.

GCA's credit ratings and capital markets expertise enables delivery of credible, thoroughly documented third party opinions supporting the arm's length treatment of intercompany debt structures and associated interest expense. GCA has "rated" and priced over US$100 billion worth of intercompany debt on behalf of clients comprised largely of Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

GCA has assisted clients in developing contemporaneous documentation for their intercompany debt transactions, and has served as Expert Witnesses during litigation.

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